Prerequisite: 2SLGBTQ Foundations Course

Duration: Self-paced, 2 hours

Target Audience: Healthcare and social service workers

Fee: $20 

IMPORTANT: There is NO refund or exchange for cancellations.


This course is an introduction to providing clinically and culturally competent care to 2SLGBTQ seniors, elders, and older adults. In Module 1, we explore the effects of a lifetime of stigma, discrimination, and violence, as well as resilience in spite of oppression and human rights violations. In Module 2, we look at concerns, fears, isolation, and the strength of care networks and chosen families. In Module 3, we provide context for the healthcare needs of 2SLGBTQ seniors across physical and mental health conditions. In Module 4, we focus on best practices to assist 2SLGBTQ older adults receiving home care and long-term care. This course uses interactive case studies and practice questions to train providers to provide better care for 2SLGBTQ people.


This course will support learners to:

1. Examine the impact of criminalization, discrimination, and stigma on the health of 2SLGBTQ older adults.

2. Demonstrate increased clinical and cultural competence with 2SLGBTQ older adults.

3. Provide inclusive and affirming care for 2SLGBTQ older adults.

Duration: 2 hours