Prerequisite: 2SLGBTQ Foundations Course

Duration: 2 hours

Target Audience: Health care and social service workers

Content Level: Beginner

Fee: CAN $20 

IMPORTANT: There is NO refund or exchange for cancellations.


To provide inclusive, affirming health care and social services it is crucial to have policies and practices that reflect the diverse clients’ needs. To create change in an organization, it must be evident from board, senior management to front-line staff and volunteers. This session is a review of programs, services, website, images/posters, signage, brochures, publications, intake forms/registration forms, policy, etc. of the organization. The session uses an anti-oppression/anti-racism framework to examine the process of developing organizational sensitivity and responsiveness to diverse 2SLGBTQ communities. The session addresses creating a positive and welcoming work environment for both 2SLGBTQ staff, clients and volunteers. The workshop will explore various strategies such as specific programs and services, HR policies, Intake forms, inclusive language, signage, brochures, and online images. We will view various samples of inclusive practices and forms to make your organizational space more 2SLGBTQ friendly. The process to create an inclusive space takes time with building blocks to achieve the goal in equity and inclusivity.


1. To enhance visibility and inclusion of 2SLGBTQ employees, volunteers, service users

2. To increase capacity to provide welcoming, friendly, professional, culturally competent services to 2SLGBTQ service users

3. To make the organization, service and programs 2SLGBTQ positive; policy, language, forms, signage, washroom use and waiting areas inclusive

2024 Sessions:

August 7, 10-12pm ET

September 10, 10am-12pm ET

Duration: 2:00